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Nick on a shoot


Nick then returned to Wales, working with the Princes’ Trust, utilising his skills to create workshops for  youth groups in the community. The programme was so successful it led to him winning an Entrepreneurial Award for Shell Live wire and a visit to the Queen. 


Nick then toured with singer Susheela Raman, before making Jaipur, Rajasthan his home for five years. It was here that Morchang Studios was born; its mission to discover and nurture Indian folk artists and showcase their music around the World. During his time in India, he also collaborated with many artistic organisations such as The Virasat Foundation and the Jaipur Literary Festival. He returns to Jaipur (his spiritual home) annually to produce the evening performances for the Wonderful Workshops Programme.



Nick at Morchang Studios Sounddesk

Morchang Studios is the evolution of 28 years’ experience in the Sound and Vision Industry.


Nick’s interest in music began young spending much of his teens working as a stagehand in a blues club in Wales, frequented by luminaries such as Van Morrison and Jules Holland. After this formative start, he moved to London to pursue a career as a Sound Engineer. Here, at Matrix Studios under the expert tutorage of Award-winning music producers such as Flood, Mark Freegard and Gil Norton he learned the skills of the trade while gaining invaluable experience working with an eclectic mix of artists including Oasis, Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue before moving on to produce music independently for Advertising and Film including soundtrack for “The Jackal” with Bruce Willis.






Since his return to the UK in 2010, Nick still continues to work in the music industry, but more recently has changed his focus to media after training as Film Editor with Darbar Arts, creating short mixed media output on Youtube.


Equipped with a natural flair behind the camera, Nick now blends his expertise in sound and vision to produce content for social media campaigns, brand promos, musicians, corporate events to weddings. 

Recent clients include Boss-Roland, Digital Awareness, Shakespeare Globe, BAFTA, Soumik Datta, Darbar Arts, Shye Ben-Tzur and Jonny Greenwood. 



Some of the Artistes Nick has collaborated with throughout his career since 1991.





King of Ghosts
Sound desk
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